My latest obsession

My trial with Wattpad has led me to an interesting conclusion.
It’s a great site for those who are looking for some recognition, and perhaps a bit of encouragement on their writing journey. However it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for at this juncture.
I need feedback.
Feedback that is more than a generic ego fluff–something closer to a melt-down inducing, existential crisis. Raw, hard to digest critiques.
Without the Wattpad forums I never would have discovered Scribophile, my latest obsession.
After my first chapter got ripped to shreds by three different people (In the nicest way possible) I realized I was in the right place. At a certain point you become so immersed in your story that you can’t see it objectively. You know your characters and the details of their lives as if you’ve lived them. It’s hard to find the distance necessary to step back and see what’s missing. A total stranger, on their first read through has an easy time spotting all the flaws of your writing. No matter how well you think you’ve captured the essence of your story I assure you, there is always something that can be fixed/improved/cut/added.
For now I’ll continue posting my chapters to Wattpad once a week, and adding the revised work as I make my slow and painful way through the critiquing/rewriting process.
If anyone has an experience to share from their time on either site I would love to hear about it.

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