To Wattpad or not?

A friend of mine recently created an account in Wattpad and encouraged me to do the same (I’ve yet to post anything, but stay tuned). After reading multiple articles and posts people have shared, I can’t say my interest isn’t piqued. I like the idea of receiving feedback–more so than giving it to be honest–but I think the community aspect of it suits me. I love my writer’s group, and feel that a shared passion encourages, and inspires me to constantly improve.

On the other hand, I have read a lot about the average age range being somewhere south of eighteen-years-old, and that part makes me waffle a bit. There are other parts that make me question whether or not to involve myself in another social media outlet. Time being the most obvious and limited.

To Wattpad or not, let me know your thoughts.

One thought on “To Wattpad or not?

  1. I find it’s great for gathering beta-readers. As for average age, that is changing as Wattpad acquires a wider audience. I think it’s still fairly new and has changed significantly since its launch. Go for it! But that’s just my opinion. I’m loving Wattpad.

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